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Recruitment for Children's Council 2017 has started!


Children's Council 2017 Promotional Video 


We welcome all children:

  • Aged 12 to under 18 years (as on 14 October 2017)
  • Interested and being sincere in promoting children's rights in Hong Kong
  • Responsible individuals who are willing to actively express their ideas and work with others in a cooperative manner
  • Participants must attend and actively participate in all activities
  • Applications should be made on an individual basis, but applicants must have consent from parents/legal guardian

**We welcome applicants from different ethnic groups and children with special needs**
Please submit a completed application form, together with the "Child's Voice", through the following means:

  • By mail / by hand to: Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights, 3/F, Western District Community Centre, 36A Western Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong (Attention to: "The Coordinating Committee for Children's Council")
  • By fax: 2324 9804
  • Applicants can also apply online:

6:00 p.m., 18 April 2017 (Tuesday) (As postmarked)

Project Timeline:

29 April 2017 (Sat) (AM) Interview
13 May 2017 (Sat) (Full Day) Training Programme 1: Briefing Session + Workshop
8 July 2017 (Sat) (Full Day) Training Programme 2: Workshop
15 July 2017 (Sat) (Full Day) Training Programme 3: Workshop
26-27 July 2017 (Wed, Thu) Training Programme 4: Training Camp
5 August 2017 (Sat) (AM) Motion Discussion 1
9 August 2017 (Wed) (AM) Motion Discussion 2
18 August 2017 (Fri) (Full Day) Legislative Council Complex Tour and Training Programme 5
19 August 2017 (Sat) (AM) Motion Discussion 3
23 August 2017 (Wed) (AM) Motion Discussion 4
30 August 2017 (Wed) (AM) Motion Discussion 5
August – October 2017 Motion Preparatory Work: Information collection (eg. research, survey, interview), motion document preparation, group meetings
16 September 2017 (Sat) (Full Day) Rehearsal of the Council Meeting
23 September 2017 (Sat) (AM) Motion Discussion 6
14 October 2017 (Sat) (PM) Children's Council Meeting
21 October 2017 (Sat) (AM) Children's Council 2017 Evaluation Meeting

*All dates are tentative and subject to change should such an occasion occur.

Promotion materials of Children's Council 2017

(Feel free to make copies and distribute.)
Children's Council 2017 Poster

Children's Council 2017 Leaflet

Children's Council 2017 Leaflet (Back)

Child's Voice

Parent's Consent form

For the latest update, please stay tuned on:
Enquiries:2324 9782 /

Please note that in order to complete your application, you would need to upload "Child's Voice" and Parent Consent Form. Application deadline is 18 April, 2017.

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